Having a party and don’t know what to serve? We’ve got you covered with one of our delicious, custom platters prepared by our cheesemongers. You can give us the reigns and let us handle it all, or you can select all the cheeses, meats and other items andwe’ll create to suit your tastes.

If you want to provide your guests with the full “cheese shop experience,” Wheel House also offers “Mobile Monger” where we send one of our knowledgeable cheesemongers to staff your party or event and share cheese knowledge with attendees as they taste their way through several pairings. Pricing is based on number of people and quantity of cheese/meat, so please call or stop by the store for a quote.

Although 24-hour minimum advance notice is desired, we may be able to accommodate last-minute orders depending on the day and size. To order a platter, please call (424)289-9167 or stop by the shop.